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Corporate Sponsorship

The public education system is a vital component of our democracy.  In many communities, the public schools serve children and families in ways that go far beyond classroom teaching. Our nation's public schools are reaching a breaking point:  we need to wrap our arms around them, advocate for increased resources and showcase the daily acts of quiet heroism that nurture our children's sense of well-being.

"North Putnam" provides a raw and intimate glimpse into the life of one school district in its interactions with the community and serves as a microcosm for so many similar communities.  We intend to use the film as a vehicle for asset-based and action-oriented conversations around the country, for local conversations that bring everyone to the table to consider how to collectively wrap our arms around our public schools.  Your support can help create a movement!

Schools, businesses, organizations, and community groups can support the work by sponsoring screenings of the film for employees, members, and the community at large.

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